Monday, February 16, 2009

Alot of updates!!!!

Hiya pengs! Corey hi 59 and Superchick here. Long time no see. We are not quitting first of. We are actually go to update a bit. A puffle party is starting the 30th ! check it out: We think that there is going to be a party because puffles can now interact with furniture! Check it out: Pretty cool stuff!!! There is also a new clothing catalog, but no new cheats. The catalog has cool stuff though.Lastly, a new pin. It is located in the underground mine.

waddle on,
Corey hi 59 and Superchick 7

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Taco PIn

Hiya pengs! Thought I would tell you about a new pin. It is the taco pin and is located in the Snow Forts. Here are the pics! Here is anpther one:

Waddle on,
Corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez

Monday, January 5, 2009

Member P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!

Hi ya penguins.Club penguin just announced that a member party has been planned for January 15-18. WOOT!!!!!. Here is the Sneek Peak...

You might have to have one of the items from the nre catalog because the party looks music theme.It looks like there is a music note.Maybe the blue and greem swirl is like graffitti.What do you think??

Waddle on and see you at the Party!!!!
Superchick 7 Club Penguin Soup VP

New Clothing Catalog Cheats!!

The new clothing catalog came out and here are the cheats....

The Spikster wig..
1. click on the red paint bucket
2. get the spiktster wig

The Spikette wig.. on the blue-green dot on the left
2.get the spikette wig

The Fruit headress.. on the flower pot in the lower rightt corner
2.get the fruit headress

The yellow scarf on the stripped present
2.get the yellow scarf

The Russian hat.. on the mountain in the upper left corner
2.get te russian hat

The Red Viking helment.. on the top of the tree in the upper left corner
2. get the red viking helment

The blue viking helment.. on the thr tree in the upper left corner of the screen
2.get the red vking helment three times have the blue viking helment

Pink pom pom Hat.. on the hat on the snowman on the left
2.get the pink pom pom hat

The red hoddie.. on the snowflake above the penguins right flipper
2.get the red hoddie

Sweet catalog, don't you think???Lots of hidden items this time ;-).
waddle on,
Superchick 7 Club Penguin Soup VP

New Gingerbread Man Pin!!!

Hiya Pengs.There is a new pen located in the ski logde attic.Heres how to get it.
1. Go to the ski lidge
2. Go upstairs
3. Click on the gingerbread man pin in the snow.
4.Now you have the gingerbread man pin!!!
Here are the pics....

Collio right??
waddle on ,
Superchick 7 Club Penguin Soup VP

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Contest Wiener!!!!

Hiya pengs! Im here to tell you guys the winner of the rare penguin! First off i would like to thank everyone who enterred. We had over 100 comments! And now without further ado, the winner is!!!!!!!!! Penguin33003732!!!! wooo hooo! Way to go! You have won the penguin! Here is a picture of him, Congratulations and good luck to aall on the next contest!

Waddle on,
Corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Contest Dissapointment and Party Change!

Hiya pengs! Well im sad to say that no one!!!!!!!!! Finished the contest which means no one!!!!! gets the penguin. So we thought we would change it up a little penguins!! . This time we are giving away a very rare penguin!!! Here is what you need to do:

1. Comment on this post 50 times!
2. Send us a picture of your penguin (via email)
3. leave 3 comments on the ninja guide saying " this is for the contest."

Thats all you have to do!
In other news, we have 2000 thousand hits! woooooo! We are extremely exciteed and would like to thank you all for giving us these hits! You guys rick! So now we will change the party to:

Place: Sleet
Time: 9:00 PST
Starting place: Dock
Date: Janurary 3, 2008
Why: Clubpenguinsoup 2,000 hits extravaganza!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!,
Corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez