Monday, February 16, 2009

Alot of updates!!!!

Hiya pengs! Corey hi 59 and Superchick here. Long time no see. We are not quitting first of. We are actually go to update a bit. A puffle party is starting the 30th ! check it out: We think that there is going to be a party because puffles can now interact with furniture! Check it out: Pretty cool stuff!!! There is also a new clothing catalog, but no new cheats. The catalog has cool stuff though.Lastly, a new pin. It is located in the underground mine.

waddle on,
Corey hi 59 and Superchick 7


Anonymous said...

dear corey hi 59 i miss u lots and we have not talked in a long time plz call!!!


Anonymous said...

Great site…keep up the good work.