Monday, January 5, 2009

New Clothing Catalog Cheats!!

The new clothing catalog came out and here are the cheats....

The Spikster wig..
1. click on the red paint bucket
2. get the spiktster wig

The Spikette wig.. on the blue-green dot on the left
2.get the spikette wig

The Fruit headress.. on the flower pot in the lower rightt corner
2.get the fruit headress

The yellow scarf on the stripped present
2.get the yellow scarf

The Russian hat.. on the mountain in the upper left corner
2.get te russian hat

The Red Viking helment.. on the top of the tree in the upper left corner
2. get the red viking helment

The blue viking helment.. on the thr tree in the upper left corner of the screen
2.get the red vking helment three times have the blue viking helment

Pink pom pom Hat.. on the hat on the snowman on the left
2.get the pink pom pom hat

The red hoddie.. on the snowflake above the penguins right flipper
2.get the red hoddie

Sweet catalog, don't you think???Lots of hidden items this time ;-).
waddle on,
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