Wednesday, July 2, 2008

new mission arrival
have fun with the new mission!!
But for any one who gets stuck we have the smart mission guide right here!

Sorry it took so long but we wanted to have it just right or all of the Awsome cp players.sooo Enjoy! to G go to the dock
3.Talk to herbert, klutzy will cut the map in half one half will go to the town the other to the plaza
4.follow the first half to the town
5. go to the coffee shop and help the clerk pick up the cookies go back to cp HQ and talk to G again
7.get the hat of the coat rack, the hammer fron the workbench and ask g to ues the Super Helium
8.go back to the town, give the hat to the puffle and then give him a cookie
9. he will fly up and get the map piece. put the piece in your inventory
10. now go the the snow forts,and click on the second half of the map follow it to the plaza to the penguin holding the newspaper
12. now go to the pizza parlor and by him a pizza
13 now go and trade him for the newspaper
14.take the two pieces of the map and put them together go to the lighthouse and get the balloons, cream soda and the fishing net. go to the sports shop and get the tent stakes from next to the tent.
17.go back to the town
18.blow up a balloon and put it on the gift shop
19.quickly now put the net under the gift shop and secure it with the stakes and the hammer
20.go to the dock and into the tunnles. follow your map you will be where the giftshop used to be
21.go through the tunnle into the bioler room and talk to herbert the polar bear.
22.he will break the boiler but G will call you and tell you how to fix it.
23.solve the pipe puzzle
24. go back to the tunnel and use the rench from the spy phone on the gear. add the gear to your inventory
25.G will call you back to cp HQ there you will give him the gear and recieve the medal and the reward.