Friday, August 22, 2008

The Penguin Games
the long awaited day is finally here, yes i am talking about the penguin games.there is running swiming and much more including three free items and a soccer arena for members.but we will get to that we are going to focus on free items andthe main event of the games the marathon.thr first item is blue face paint which is in the pizza parlor.the second is the red face paint in the coffee shop.the last is the is the hardest to get, the gold medal.
there are three events involed in getting the gold medal the marathon, the freestyle swimming contest and the three lap race.But now we are going to focus on the marathon.
the marathon starts at the ski village and works all the way to the dock.the marathon is somewhat difficult so be patient, you will get it eventually.
the key to the marathon is making sure that you follow all the directions and light up all the lights.
first off start at the starting line at the ski village and follow all the lights to the cove........its really not that hard.we know that you can do it.

waddle on penguins,