Friday, October 10, 2008

Penguin of the week

Penguin of the Week!
We are now announcing our new idea to have a penguin of the week.The names will be on a poll on the sidebar to decide our new winner! So remember to vote
waddle on,
corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez


Amanda Dlny said...

I wanna be in the poll!
Please! :]

Amanda Dlny

corey hi 59,smart ally,superchick7,and squeege135 said...

ok ok ill add u to next week i cant add more cuz this poll is already started so nxt week k?
-corey hi 59

dogsrcuties said...

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and can my penguin be in the poll it's name is ranebows plz plz

Fred360 said...

hey corey, did u get your membership yet?

corey hi 59,smart ally,superchick7,and squeege135 said...

nope not yet hopefuuly soon! :)

Anonymous said...

hi dude
its me squeege135 congrats on the wii
hope you have fun with it
plz read this call me later


Coldy Guy said...

Hey Corey Hi 59! It's Coldy Guy. You must know me. We are buddies on CP. Well, you got an awesome site. I'm not sure if you know my site or not but comment back at my site.