Thursday, November 20, 2008

1000 Hits and how to get a belt!
After a long wait we finally made 1000 hits!!!! This is soooo coool and can NOT be left unmentioned! We are so happy that we are finally there and we hope you are to! It is you who got us here so we thank you! Now we have had some people ask how to get a belt. It is very simple, all you have to do is talk to Sensei if he has given you your cards, Go to Competition mode, And win about five wins for sswnsei to give you a white belt. The number of wins to get the next belt will raise. I am a green belt and I plan to be a blue belt by tonight! Hope this helps, and comment saying when the party should be so we can work it out so alot of you can be there!Thank you guys soooo much!
waddle on,
corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez!


Cca said...


Fred360 said...

awesome! Nice work Corey!


-------ps. we got 3,000 hits!!


Anonymous said...

hi corey its squeege. i wanted to let u know i willl not be home during thanksgiving. happy holidays!!!!

ps: i will be home for half of the time.


Anonymous said...

corey!!!!!!!!! I'm soo happy the site got 1,000 hits. plz call .


ps:i feel like i'm getting the silent treatment.

corey hi 59,smart ally,superchick7,and squeege135 said...

srry srry ive been out ALL day!!!!! im callin now! OMG u didnt pick up!!?!?!?!?! now i feel as if im getting the silent treatment :(