Monday, December 29, 2008

Mission 10 "Waddle Squad" Smart Mission Guide

The much awaited mission 10 is here and I am happy to report that I Superhcik 7 was able to complete this mission by myself without help from anybody!!!! So if I can do it you can to lets get started.Before we stard please fell free to stop reading this guide at anytime, we do not want to ruin it for those people who lik to figure things out by themselfs.
step 1- Go to HQ select Waddla Squad from misssion ready menu.
step 2- Talk to G. G will continue talking about the golden puffel. Hubert will appear on the screen.Then the director will come on the screen.G will tel you that you have been asssigned to be the mission leader. Then G will assign the other agents their duties and then have them report to their assigned posts. Your job is to help the other agents.
step 3- Pick up the solar pannel out of the box in HQ.Go to the beach.
step 4 - Talk to the jet pack guy.
step 5- Go to the lighthouse. Pick up the barrel of cream soda and take it back to the jet pack guy.
step 6- This is kinda hard. Click no the message in the bottle that says HELP and then follow the innstructions to fill the different glasses.See picture below for help.

step 7- The jet pack guy will take off. Now go to the gift shop.
step 8- Talk to the gift shop manager and help him set his stuff up outside.
step 9 - Now go an d talk to the rookie.You will need the solar pannel from HQ.Get the solar pannel out of your inventory and attach it to the end of the magnet.
step 10- This part is also kinda hard. Click on the instructions that are listed on a piece of paper that sticks out on the left side of the solar pannel.My advice, go arround to the oustide instead of trying to go through the middle od the pannel.See picture below.

step 11- After you have helped the Rookie report back to G. Then go to the dock.Talk to the fishermen and get the rope and then go th the Night Club.
step 12-Go to teh trap that has been set for Hubert. attach the rope and then hit teh red lever to try and lift the trap.
step 13- Get out your spy phone use the wrench to remove the bolts from the back of the machine.Click on the back of the machine and replace the gears so that the pully system will work again.See picure below for help.
step 14 -Click the lever again to lift the trap. Leave the Night Club and go outside to the Town. Click on your spy phone.Talk to the agent.
step 15- Go to the dock like the agent told you to.Click on the cut out of Hubert.Wait for Clutzy to run away.
step 16 - Answer your phone again. This time it will be the Rookie. Go to the Night Club.Click on the red lever to relase the trap. Hubert will escape. G will call you on your spy phone. All agents will move in.Hubert will be stuck to the magnet.
step 16. Redirect all the lights in the Night Club so that they will face the saolar pannel and give it more power.Hubert will be traped again. G wil move in and go through a flip book and try to arrest hubert. Then the rookie will give Hubert his spy phone when Hubert requests that he be able to make a phone call,and then Hubert will teleport to an unknown location. G will yell a the Rookie and then walk across and pick up a packet of seds of the floor: the only clue to Huebrts plans.The mission will end and then you can CLAIN YOUR PRIZE AND AWARD!!!!! YAY YOU!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!Also CPS will have a walkthrough Vid comming out soon.

Hope this helps and SEE YOU GUYZ AT THE PARTY!!!!!
Also dont forget the contest!!!
Waddle on,
-Superchick 7 Club Peguin Soup VP