Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall fair sneek peak!!

we missed the fall fair last year so we are so excited for this year!!!! we're pretty sure the picture is cotton candy and a ball pit! what do you think???

until then,waddle on

corey hi and superchick


Fred360 said...

nice one! I think its a ball pit, and maybe a rainbow tube, last year they had pink cotton candy, maybe this year it will be blue cotton candy!! CANT WAIT FOR THE PARTY

corey hi 59,smart ally,superchick7,and squeege135 said...

cool thx!!!!!!!!!!!!! we cant wait either!!!!

Orngyee said...

Hi its orngyee. I'm really sorry but
you have "Blogger" and I have "Wordpress" so wordpress wont let people add "Blogger" Blogs to our blogroll.... sorry i would really like to.

corey hi 59 said...

man that stinks!!!!!!!

Fred360 said...

yo corey, post something about the sneek peek at Its a sneeky peeky! WOOT WOOT