Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Pin Cheats

hello penguins of earth and beyond! i think ill start of with the magnifying glass pin!

1. go to dock
2. walk to pin
3. walla you have the magnifying glass pin!

next up issssss the ruby!!!

1. go to stage on filing cabnets click on trash can click on book click on flower vase
6. were almost there. next click on painting on wall
7. finally click on safe and get ruby pin


Fred360 said...

hey guys!

awesome job with your blog! Finally we are buddies again! That was funny with the meeting up without it being planned, kinda strange!


corey hi 59 said...

ya it is lol! hey we also added puffleball45 wow what a day

-corey hi 59-

Orngyee said...

Hi! its orngyee!! The person at the dojo! WELL YA