Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interesting stuff and maybe an awesome party!!!
Hi guys!!!!! ;) this is clubpenguinsoup's 80th post :) so were thinking maybe a party! for everyone to be at! small or big gig or small!be on the lookout for the invitation!!! in other new we are about 200 hits away from 1000 hits!!!!! so keep up the viewing and there will be some fun prizes!!
until then, waddle on
corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez
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Fred360 said...

go to ASAP and comment on the latest post and YOU could be invited to an exsclusive party!



Cca said...

Hey you missed the party it was awsome Srry you couldnt come -Cca

corey hi 59 said...

im sorry to!!! computer froze! its fixed now though! hope theres another party soon! ;)

Fred360 said...

dont worry there will be another party. Corey are you and superchick going to add me as an author? I will help ur site get hits. Fred360- ☺

corey hi 59 said...

she said she was going to think about it ! but i cant trust u with our username and pass right?!?! im sure i can but i just need to check! ;) not trying to offend you.Hits could help us alot! thankyu

corey hi 59