Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awsome Ninjas and Commenting Contest!!!!

Club Penguin says that the dojo was struck by lightening in the storm! NONSENSE!! Ninjas attacked the dojo!!!! There is also a cool digger dude!!! Check him out!
I think he is a ninja who will teach us penguins to be ninjas!! Also he will give us a cool background!!!! Also we are having a commenting cotest! Here are the rules.
1. No spamming
2. No cussing
the prizes are the following:
first place: Added to our blogroll, your picture on our site,and added to our buddy list
second place: Same as first
third place: Exclusive sneak peak to a clubpenguinsoup party and name mention on the site
Have Fun,
corey hi 59 clubpenguinsoup prez